Who is behind Fairtroll?



Since the appearance of Fairtroll_Bot, an anonymous character appeared in the troll ecosystem of faircoop, social networks have been filled with theories and suspicions. Members of the Faircoop Executive Apparatus have begun investigations in order to take repressive measures against their real identity. But recently an uncomfortable theory has appeared for some, Enric himself, candidate for presidential re-ellection of Faircoop, The Global Coorperative, could be behind Fairtroll_bot and this be a tool of false flag to destroy the investigative journalism of the Fairconspiracy news channel, as well as criminalize Komun.org a group related to the radical extreme left, that has known anti-system members involved in acts of hate and street violence since the 80s.




Recently Enric was discovered training trolls via Telegram, which could suggest that the presence of trolls in the ecosystem could be a strategy of the same faircoop directives to distract on real corruption and neglect issues that affect the fairgovernment.


We keep this user anonymous to protect their safety and that of their family

But this theory clashes with the fact that Fairtroll_Bot has come systematically denouncing irregularities and affirms that will soon reveal truths that will shake the entire ecosystem. The Fairtroll_Bot accounts have been banned from the main telegram groups and the Faircoin’s subreddit, and he has been denied access to Fairmarket to sell shitcoins, continuing the smear campaign. Repression, bulling, false accusations, and even death threats would be used to count dissident members.


users of the faircoop platform denounce through private messages situations of harassment and internal political persecution.


But the appearance of Fairtroll_Bot has provoked a flood of leaks, accusations, and explosions of verbal violence.


Due to the seriousness of the case, we hide the identity of the author to clarify if it is a real fact or false accusations

Who is behind Fairtroll_Bot? What purpose does he pursue? How many real trolls are controlled by the same fairauthorities? Would fake telegram accounts be used to create fake troll users and manipulate elections in the assemblies? Would there be links between infiltrated state’s agents and the fairexecutive? Would it be a global strategy to take control over grassroots social movements trolling their means of communication and causing disorientation, mutual distrust and interpersonal conflicts ?




Extracted from Fairconspiracy, the fairwhistleblower channel


all these questions have still not answered, and may never be revealed … unless Fairtroll_Bot is really someone from within the system with a privileged position and who has decided to bring all these questions to light and clean up corrupted institutions.





This supporter risks his social life by this kind of support messages


Be careful, anyone could be accused of being troll as a way to get rid of dissidence!




Send us leaks, fakes, memes, conspiracies, irregularities,…and earn FAIRFAKE’s!!!!!!



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